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Turning smartphones into
road accident protectors

  1. 25,000 People die each week in road traffic accidents(RTA's) -another 250,000 are injured, many disabled. Yearly that's 1.25 million deaths. The traumatic effects on families and communities lasts decades. 
  2. BE THE TEAM We are those bereaved by road deaths. We are designers or IT gurus, engineers or marketing maestros. We are journalists, activists and road safety professionals. With a shared mission to bring an end to this road carnage ASAP using new technologies.  Join Us Now!
  3. rta0 is changemakers teaming up to advocate and implement a hi-tech paradigm shift in road safety technology. Pioneering talents who imagine new open-source solutions which save lives.
  4. Your skills can help to inform or advocate; can assist in design; or realize in software. Get involved via our social media shown below. Thank you.
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Let's Not Meet By Accident

 1 Million+ tragic deaths a year on roads. We're Changing That.

Human Drivers Now Augmented
with Smartphone Artificial Intelligence

by Fintan Dunne  | bio

Dawn of the Cyber-Driver

Tech-Enhanced Drivers Will Beat Robot Cars
in the Race to Zero Road Deaths

by Fintan Dunne  |  Self-driving cars will eventually bring an end to road deaths in a future still at least fifteen years away. But in the interim, we can augment drivers of existing cars with AI and save millions of lives. 

We are on the threshold of getting some kind of technology into vehicles. Already some motor insurers offer discount to drivers who carry a smartphone in their car or have a tracking unit fitted..
Enhanced driving via 'Alice' on smartphones is the optimum bridge to integrate existing cars with tomorrow's grand solution.  It's time to make a generational leap to deploy traffic technology now.

The smartest tech in any car today is still the human! We empower and enable the driver. The driver is our Star.

Alice will deploy via smart phone app over the full existing communications spectrum. Providing live dynamic risk discovery married to AI-driven behavior management for drivers.

Notice the major game change: today we try to predict driving risk in advance and we punish driver errors long after the event; Alice enables reduction of actual risk and reward for good behaviour. Not beforehand or afterwards - but LIVE as risk happens. That's so much more effective.

Together we will make road deaths extinct. 
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