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  by Fintan Dunne

23rd Aug, 2010

 How a Shape-Shifting BP ROV
'Morphs' From Well B to Well A!

Here is new smoking-gun evidence of deception in BP's live internet public feed of their underwater ROV's.

This Youtube copy of a live BP feed on 10th July, 2010 starts by showing an ROV at the planned BP Well B location.

But over three minutes, in five position 'shifts,' the coordinates morph slowly from Well B to the official spill location at Well A !

See East and North coordinates for the ROV morph by at times hundreds of feet. The morphs are at:
4 min 10 sec and 6 min 47 sec.

So is the video inadvertently showing a leaking well at Well B and then was someone altering the coordinate data to indicate Well A?

The answer is uncertain, but the deception in the coordinates is clear.

What is this charade hiding? Why?

  BP Shape-Shifting ROVs Deceive Public
Smoking Gun Proof Of Cover-Up

As BP's Underwater ROV's work on the sea floor, online viewers can see the East & North, "Lamber X, Y" coordinates which show their current position.

(See the lighter white figures below.)

View Larger Chart > View Complete Area Map

Morphs at 4 min 10 sec and 6 min 47 sec

   " The abandoned well is very close
   to the current well location. We don't
  know if the abandoned well is leaking."        -Dr. Robert Bea, 
        Federal scientist

    • View BP's Official Well Chart pdf
  Gulf Wells Are Tolling For BP Execs
BP Gulf Cover-Up Exposed

  by Fintan Dunne - 20th Aug,'10

Dr Robert Bea, a top scientist on Pres. Obama's Gulf team has just confirmed our previous story below, stating BP drilled an undisclosed second well, which could even now be leaking unseen.

Dr. Bea confirmed BP drilled the second well in Feb, 2010 --before it drilled the well which exploded fatally in late April.

He said BP is blocking access to data by Federal scientists, so he cannot verify whether this second well is leaking or not.

His confirmation may have legal implications for senior BP execs who sold tens of thousands of their shares in the company after an accident at this second well.

An official BP well report available online says a single well was 'sidetracked' and omits any mention of a second well. PR for the firm has denied BP drilled an earlier well.

However CBS '60 Minutes' broadcast an eyewitness accident account identified by CBS as taking place at a previous well.

So, are both wells leaking? Is there oil flowing between the wells underground? And which well has the public been shown?

......Standby for more.


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The article below proves BP has displayed position coordinates from TWO different locations where underwater robot vehicles worked to fix a well, or wells.

Was Matt Simmons Right?

Deceased Matt Simmons thought the well explosion had blasted the blowout preventer (BOP) off the well --leaving an open hole leaking oil at the seabed.

But in the video above you see the rig burning in a compact, encircling oil pool. The oil must be coming from the still-intact riser pipe in the center of the rig.

Leaking methane gas from that pipe caused the initial explosion. The pipe then fed a prolonged oil fire which melted and sank the rig.

If the BOP had blown off, oil would be spewing at the sea floor, and even if it rose to the surface, it would be spread out over many square miles.

But as we see, the oil just tightly encircles the burning rig --proving it came from the intact oil riser pipe.

Matt Simmons was wrong.

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  BP's Immaculate Deception  
  Page presentation by Fintan Dunne - 9th August, 2010

by Fintan Dunne - 9th August, 2010

You think you've been watching video feeds from BP undersea robot vehicles working on a blown well.


Due to BP's immaculate deception, you've actually been seeing images from two different well locations approximately 300 feet apart!

One of these wells is MC252A; a second well is called MC252B. One was where the Horizon rig was working before it moved to drill another well --when it caught fire and sank.

The giveaway is the Lamber X,Y longitude and latitude coordinates which undersea ROV's display in their video feeds.

These coordinates show that ROV's have at different times over the last three months been working at these two well locations close to each other. And showing BOP's at each location.

BP's official plan submitted to the US Minerals Management Service in Feb., 2009 was to drill two wells: MC252A and MC252B.

On page 3, BP gives the Lamber X,Y coordinates in feet for:

Well MC252A at 1202799, 10431610;

Well MC252B at 1202514, 10431494.

(The last three digits in feet from these coordinates are the significant figures.)

But as ROV's toiled away on the sea floor, online viewers could easily see the East and North, Lamber X, Y coordinates which show their current working position. (See the lighter white figures below.)

I've prepared a map showing a small sample of ROV positions and also showing the location of BP's well A & B.

In May as the crisis unfolded, the ROV coordinates in a Youtube video show it hovering above location MC252A.

But in June and July the ROV's are seen working around MC252B?!

And they are displaying images of a leaking BOP there!

So, which well blew up?

Now in August, we see the ROV's back again around the location of BP well MC252A.

It's unclear from this small sample on what dates the BP focus moved back and forth.

So, are both wells leaking?

Do both wells have BOP's?

Are the positioning data being massaged, and if so -why?

Which BOP have we been watching, and when?

Did BP drill the B well first or the A well first?

(More investigation required.
I will update the map based
on incoming info and tips.)

The first well encountered serious problems during drilling operations. A CBS 60 Minutes report on those difficulties stated the well was cemented and abandoned. (But official BP accounts say that a new sidetrack was drilled.)

President Obama was informed of these problems on 13th February, 2010.

Over the following weeks, senior BP executives Tony Hayward, Byron E Grote, Andy Iglis and Ian C Conn sold hundreds of thousands of their BP shares. All of this was long before the explosion at the second well.

One interpretation of that share dump is that the problem the Deepwater Horizon had with the first well in February was very serious and unresolved -even as the Horizon began drilling the fatal second well.

It is also possible that wells A and B have oil flowing from one to the other. After all, they are separated by only 300 feet.

As of 9th August, 2010, ROV footage shows increasing seepage of hydrocarbons from the Mocando 252 block sea floor.

This comes despite a topside 'static kill' of the well by mud and cement. Coast Guard response team Leader Thad Allen has admitted that 40% of the cement injected to stop the oil escaped into the surrounding sea floor sediments.

Fintan Dunne
9th Aug., 2010


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The video above is the best presentation of the issue of two well locations at the spill site. Citizen sleuths have uncovered video captures of ROV feeds seen on this chart.

You can clearly see ROVs have clustered at each of BP's A and B wells.

In May and August, we see ROV's near the location of BP well MC252A. In June and July the ROV's are near BP well MC252B.

So, are both wells leaking? Do both wells have BOP's? Which BOP have we been watching, and when? Stay tuned to this page....

View Larger Map

Date East North YouTube Sources
05/27/2010 1202812 10431617 Watch bit.ly/dougr
06/04/2010 1202562 10431585 Watch at 2:35 barich1979
06/07/2010 1202476 10431302 Watch bit.ly/dougr
. 1202497 10431358 Watch bit.ly/dougr
06/10/2010 1202882 10431625 Snapshot Source Source
07/10/2010 1202542 10431527 Watch  
08/04/2010 1202771 10431620 Watch bit.ly/OilFlorida

View Larger X,Y Map                     9th August 2010
You Can Help

Can you find more video or screenshots of ROV's near the 'B' well location?

B is 1202514, 10431494
A is 1202803, 10431617

Give me Date, East, North, Link and Source -if poss..

Email me: fintan at
fintandunne dot com

View our larger map with an X,Y number grid.

Read: Gone in 18 Seconds -- BP's Lie Dismissed   Video Commentary by JailTheBanksters:
This incredible video shows two different wells, in two different locations, both spewing oil. And this is not video posted on a shady web site but news footage broadcast by the English-language Russian TV network RT.

They didn't realize what the video was showing, switching back and forth between two different geographic locations [while] reporting on May 30 that "top kill" had failed.

Watch the video, see still shots [of] the two different sets of coordinates, and look at BP's own exploration plan filed with the government showing the two distinct locations matching the ROVs' displays.
7th August 2010   8th August 2010

READ: Oil Surging From Sea Floor Near BP Well   Dylan Rattigan Asks Questions
11th August 2010   4th August 2010

  I had been displaying an article by geohazard consultant, BK Lim.
But I put some questions to him and got poor response. Detail here.

"It's ALL About BP Minimizing BP Liability"   Oil Seeping Up from Below Beaches
2nd August 2010   6th August 2010

Research Survey
This is an intriguing is a 3D map of
hydrocarbons in the water column,
presented by the US research vessel
'Thomas Jefferson" which surveyed
the area. It seems to show two
seperate tall columns of oil.

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