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Fintan Dunne

Journalist, Broadcaster,

Irish 'Mother And Baby' Homes Investigation

Fintan Dunne is the media liaison and political advisor for Irish First Mothers, a group of more than 70 women, who were incarcerated  pregnant and single in Ireland's state-run Mother and Baby Homes in the later 1900's. The group has filed formal genocide charges against the Irish Attorney General over their systematic treatment. An official judicial report is due before Feb. 2019.

with 'Mary'

Fintan Dunne interviews 'Mary' who at age 15 was in Good Shepard, Dunboyne. With Kathy McMahon.

" All I could hear was babies in my head, crying.
 I was still crying five years later.
 My whole life was affected by it.
 I'm never going to get over this.
 I now just have to learn to live with it."
- Mary

Turn your smartphone into
a road accident protector

 1 Million+ tragic deaths a year on roads. Let's Change That >


Let's Not Meet By Accident

Human Drivers Now Augmented
with Smartphone Artificial Intelligence >>

by Fintan Dunne | Bio


Will We Droid Our Economy To Death?

Fintan Dunne interviews futurist author Martin Ford - who argues that advancing technology, automation, outsourcing and globalization are leading to an economic implosion. 

Neil Armstrong's
Quantum Moon Quest

Neil was first to step on the back of the moon.
You'll be first to find out why.

Watch VIDEO below:

Fintan Dunne has uncovered a signature clue left us by Neil Armstrong.
And it solves the structure of quantum space.
Watch VIDEO above

From Homo Sapiens,
to Homo Technas.
A new human at the
edge of technology, as
the web creates the
connected mind. 

Interview  Guests


Pro Bono Public Interest Projects
An '81 Apple technologist and journalist. [Bio]
I've run a media suicide prevention campaign; helped to free the falsely jailed; highlighted unsolved murder; interviewed many on public issues; fought for justice for Ireland's unwed mothers; and recently founded rta0.org
a road safety initiative via smartphones.


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